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Wazifa to Solve all problems Using this Powerful Amal of Verse 62 of Surah Namal

The amal mentioned here is extremely beneficial for emergency conditions when people need immediate resolution for their problems.  Inshaallah, though this amal greatest calamity and every kind of need can be full filled and every incurable sickness can be cured. The amal could be done by a single person or a group of people with a common intention. InshaAllah, with these amals one will be able to achieve the following:

1. Fulfill any hajaat / lawful need.
2. Overcome any difficulty.
3. Marriage issues.
4. Fulfillment of heavy debts, overcome poverty and financial issues and for richness and wealth.
5. To overpower enemies.
6. To find good job or employment.
7. To win a court’s case.
8. Release from imprisonment.
9. To get Children.
10. Overcome famine and drought.
11. For Rain.
12. Defeat and overpower enemies and tyrant leaders.
13. Treat deadly incurable disease and sickness. It has been tried and tested several times mashallah, critical people with deadly diseases have been cured and recovered.
14. etc

This amal involves reciting of Surah Namal verse 62 about 12,000 times in a single sitting.

Surah Namal Verse 62

Meaning: Is not He (best) Who listens to the (soul) distressed when it calls on Him, and Who relieves its suffering [Surah Namal verse 62]

1.‘Aoozubillaahi Mi-nash ShYataan Ir-rajeem BisMillaah Ir-Rah-maan Ir-Ra-heem -3x

2. ‘Astaghfirullaaha Rabbi, La Elaaha illal laahu Mohammadur Rasool-ul-laah Sallallaahu `Alayhi wa Sallam -40x

3. Subhaanal-laahi Walhamdu-Lillaahi, wa laa ilaa-ha ill-lal-laahu wallahu Akbar -40x

4. Surah Fatiha 1x, Surah Iqlaas 3x

5. Make Intention/Dua: BISMILLAAHI YA HAYYU YA QAYYUM YA ZAL JALAALI WAL IKRAM YA ARHAMAR RAHEMEEN. O Allah, Its You alone do I worship and You alone do I call for Help. O Allah, I have requested you for help using the blessed verse of Surah Namal Verse 62, O Allah by the virtues and blessings contained in it please fulfill my need……… . O Allah please accept my amal/dua by Your immense Mercy and make be independent of all except You. ’A-Ghis-ni, ‘A-Ghis-ni, ‘A-Ghis-ni Bi Rahmatika Ya Arhamar Rahemeen.’Ameen. Ya Rabbil ‘A-Lameen! – 3x.

6. Any Darood -easy one – ALLAH humma Sali’ala Muhammad Sallallaahu `Alayhi wa Sallam -21x

7. Recite – Surah Namal verse 62  -12,000x [This count should be shared if recited in a group/gathering]

8. Any Darood -easy one – ALLAH humma Sali’ala Muhammad Sallallaahu `Alayhi wa Sallam -21x

9. Raise your hands and with full humility, trust and complete faith in ALlah, repeat dua in (5) atleast 3 to 7 times


11. Blow 3x over the chest, then 3x into both the hands, and the wipe the hands over the face, arms and body. One should also blow into few bottles of water or sugar and olive oil and use it. The water can be used for drinking and spraying all over the house for blessings. Sugar can also be given to the sick person for eating, likewise the recited olive oil can be used to message the sick person all over the over or on places of pain.

For any case its highly recommended to drink the recited water daily and the person can also bathing with the recited water as per the instructions on this site to derive maximum blessings for the recited water.

Note: If a person is reciting this wazifa individually, he may recite this 1000x daily as per the procedure explained above to complete the counts of 12000x in 12 days.
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  1. can you do it in like 5000 in one day 2000 in other and five on third day thankyou?

  2. In my view its totally depends on ur niyat ( intention).
    If u hv intention to cmplete in 3 days...its better to divide equally 4000 x 3days....

  3. Aoa!
    Can I do this amal for someone else like my family member ... Kindly tell me as soon as possible :)

  4. My husband gave me written divorce one time one year back.since that time im striving hard to bring him back to my life but nothing works.i have 4 kids.for sake of kids tell me what should i read that he may come back and do rajuu

  5. Aoa. I have a question. If I'm doing the wazifa by myself, over the course of a 12 day period, do I have to repeat the beginning steps every time or only the first day?
    Thank you

  6. Point no. 3 should be recited only as written ? Or the full third kalima?
    I also don't understand that wipe on face body ? Please make it clearr to me I'll be very gratefull . Please I want to start it today and IN SHA ALLAH complete in 3 days .

  7. Assalm o alaikum,Bhai ma bht problem ma hoon me apni zameen bechna chata hu mujhe paiso ki zaroorat he par meri zameen ka koi grahak nahi lag raha he mujhe koi wazifa batai jisse meri zameen jaldi bikk jai aapka bahut ahsan hoga

  8. Kindly tell me plz
    If I read it daily,,then I have to start all other tasbeh daily from start process or read only Surah Namal verse????

  9. hello please heip me gie me helpful dua that make my legs strong.i was running on floor and i slip my leg is broken help me and give me a powerful dua and in this month i have exams but my leg is broken help ,me gie me power ful dua that make my leg stronger

  10. Salaam sir is wazife ka ager ap urdu mein bhi likhe diya karein apne har wazife ko to logo k liye bohat asani hojaye gi aur website pe traffic bhi bohat hojaye ga har koi english nahi janta plz sir tawajja farmaien

  11. Yes very right. Nowadays Urdu Arabi sub phones or laptops ma hoti ha so har kisi ko faida hoga.

  12. Salam sir is there any specific time for this wazifa..??

  13. A/s i want to know some good wazifa which can save my marriage. I am getting divorced which i dont want that to happen. Kindly help.

  14. mere shadi ko 3 saal huhy hain baby nae hai mery husband apny chekup k lihy doctor k pas jany ko ready nae mujhy kohe wazifa btahy k wo agree ho jahy.

  15. Salam please guide me that I'm 25-26 years old and there is one proposal for me which even my parents liked to even that family came up to see me 2 times even they are positive too but I'm upset that they are not contacting it has been 3weeks they are not contacting us please guide me that I can I listen to this whole surah if my pronounciation is not correct because meri har kam Kay uper bandishor rukawat hi please

  16. Please I'm upset I'm 25-26 years old there is one proposal which my family and I liked it they came to see me two times they even liked us and they are positive too take it further but it has been 3 weeks that they didn't contacted us I really want that mera uther hi ho can I listen to surah namal because my pronounication is not correct please can you guide me too meray har kam mai bandish or rukawat hai

  17. Can v recite as 6000 one day and other 6000 another day. ..plssssss tell

  18. I can't read all in single sitting. So can i do it like few thousands and then the namaz of the time like fajir and the rest after that please i need help i want to study and help my family I'm in terrible conditions Please Reply. Thank you.

  19. dont read this wazifa or any other because wazaif dont solve problems as the amount these spiritual people give.It is totally senseless reciting 1200 times in one sitting!.come on people dont be foolish.they may have a lot of spare time for this thing but a normal human cannot do this with full intention and peace.our prophet{s.a.w] would have never suggested that ,even he did taraveeh for 3 days that it doesnt become difficult for people and also he said that i am not stating miswak as a duty because it will be difficult for you to follow it 5 times a day for namaz.these people are real idiots.Allah doesnt need how much time you recite i suggest just once with ful purity of heart and with complete silence of ego and then see even bismillah can do tahajjud and pray with heart and then see.We must follow Our prophet s.a.w and quran more than these spiritual healers who have no sense of state of people.

  20. @Talha Khaliq
    You are right, If a person is following all the orders of Islam, didnt miss single salat or fast, income and food is halal etc etc, then if he only pray 2 rakat salat and ask Allah to fulfill his wish then he will get it, but when we are not following the path of Islam, so we dont have effects in out tongue, so to create these effects we have to recite dua or ayet in a certain numbers, and reciting in so and so numbers is also proved by the Tasbih Fatima, whcih mohammad sallallaho alaihe wasallam given to hazrat fatima razi allah tala anhu to recite Subhan Allah 33 times, Alhumdulillah 33 times Allah hokber 34 times, it means that there are some effects of numbers, Allah said that Allah created this whole universe in 7 days ! why > he can create it all this with a blink of eye, but Allah wants to tell us that there are some effects of numbers, so reading any ayet or verses in certain numbers is ok and creates effects.
    Hope it is clear now.

  21. Do we need permission to do this wazifa?

  22. Assalam o alaikum!!!
    One of my cousin gave health issue he is very sick i need to ask if there is any wazeefa with full proceduer can help him out .....
    Thank you

  23. Uhhmm there's a reason why this wazifa was posted people.... rather than asking for a wazifa (it's already given...) just read this one that's been provided

  24. I like bhai hanif reply to talha khaliq


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