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The Above Wird / Dua can be directly read any number of times and if any dua is made after it InshaALlah it will be accepted. The Wird can also be done in the following way..

1- Auzubillaah hi Mi-nash ShYataan Ir-rajeem BisMillaah Ir-Rah-maan Ir-Ra-heem -3x

2- Any Istiqfar -7x – easy one – ‘Astaghfirullaahi wa ‘atoobu e-lay-h

3- Zikar – LA ILAHA ILL ALLAH MUHAMMA DUR RASOOL-UL-LAAH Sallallaahu `Alayhi wa Sallam – 7x

4- Any Darood -7x – easy one – ALLAH humma Sali’ala Muhammad

5- Make An intention for the purpose for which you would be doing this dua/ wird/ amal as mentioned in step 8 below.

6- Recite “Dua E Isme Illahi” – 33x, 41x or more for difficult cases.

7- Recite any particular name or names of Allah (ISME ELAAHI) that servers your purpose the best continuously and repeatedly till you get tired / exhausted. Please read the below section “Isma Illahi for Specific Purpose” for reference.
Note: The name could be recited ‘individually’ like ‘YA SHAAFI YA SHAAFI YA SHAAFI… ’or ‘YA Allahu’ can be added to the specific name before recitation like, ‘YA Allahu YA SHAAFI YA Allahu YA SHAAFI…’ or even two or more specific purpose names can be recited together like ‘YA RASHÎDU YA-KHABIRU YA RASHÎDU YA-KHABIRU …’ continuously.

8- Make a general dua 3x to 7x [Example: "YA ALLAHU YA MUMEETU Plz destroy and neutralize all the sihir, its items and its affects on me/MR XXX and protect me/MR XXX from all evil." or "YA ALLAHU YA SHAFI Plz cure me/MR XXX completely from this sickness and grant me/MR XXX good health."]

9- Any Darood -7x – easy one – ALLAH humma Sali’ala Muhammad


11- For spiritual or medical sickness, you can take a deep breath and blow 3x times on your hands and chest and rub them all over your body and/or blow 3x each into a few water bottles and/or olive oil or blackseed oil and the victim should drink the water and massage the oil on his body daily, the patient can also add some additional water to one glass of recited water and mix vinegar, juice of about 1 to 3 limes and about 7 to 11 crushed leaves of neem or bairee or beetal and bath with this mixture if needed. The recited water could be sprayed inside and around the house (except the bathroom) if necessary.

12- Repeat this Amal daily with full faith and belief on Allah till your purpose or need is fulfilled.

13- The patient should recite the “Isma Illahi for Specific Purpose” as much as possible any time during the day or night
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