Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wazifa for Seeing Future in True Dream

If you sleep in wudu every night and while you are trying to sleep read “Ya badi-o” (Allah’s name) you will not only see true dreams but also will see what ever is going to happen with you the next day in your dream.

The condition is that you cannot tell anyone about your dreams. If you did they will stop.

Slowly and slowly the dreams will become clearer. You will not need any one to tell you the meaning. So be patient.

If you see some thing bad is about to happen please do this when you wake up (and don’t tell anyone about it)

Darood e Ibrahimi 1 time

"Bismillah hil lazi la ya durro ma as me hi Shay un fil arde vala fis sema-e va ho vas sami ul aleem"….3 times

Darood e Ibrahui 1 time.
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  1. I'll probably have to commit suicide

  2. agar hum bura khwab dekh le aur yahi ayat parh le uth k phir to wahi hamare sath nahe hoga jo hmne khwab mai dekha hai???? phir acha hoga?? plzzzz rep

  3. Ya bari o allah ka nam ha sir ...kya typing mistake ha? Yeh ya bari o ha ya mubadi o ? And doono bar darood Ibrahimi prhna ha na? Q k darood ibrahui to koi nhi

  4. Its ya badi o..its one of Allah z names...
    Has anyone tried this wazifa?

  5. Momal ye ya badi-o h na ki ya Bari o

  6. Sir please ye ALLAH PAK ka name clearly bta dein.... knsa h??

  7. Assalamuwalaikum hazrath ye wazifa kitne din karna hai


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