Friday, August 12, 2016

Wazifa to Get Transfer to Your Desired Post or Location


Do you require a change of climate in your profession? 

You might consider a Job Transfer for any number of reasons and every one of your reasons might be great ones. In any case, you might need to ace your present place of employment obligations totally before proceeding onward to a comparable occupation that appears to be enhanced or diverse. A few components present themselves for thought in your choice to request an exchange with your organization.

To Get Transfer to Your Desired Post or Location after Isha salat pray 2 rakat nafil hajat the recite Ayatul Kursi 40 times with Darood Ibrahimi 11 times before and after and pray for your transfer, Do this 21 days. In shaa Allah you will get transfer.


Kia aap apney job men koi tabdili chahtey han ?

Aap k zahen men job trasnfer hogi aur is ki bohet sari wajohaat hosakti hain, lakin transfer sey pehley aap apney mojada kaam men maharat hasil ker len ta k jab kisi nai jaga transfer ho tu wahan kuch naya sikhney ko ho,

Jon transfer k liye Isha k baad 2 nafil hajat k phr ker 40 bar Ayatul Kursi parhen awal o akhir 11, 11 bar darood Ibrahimi k sath aur dua karen, ye amal 21 days karen, in shaa Allah transfer hojaye ga.
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  1. Can I read this wazifa

  2. plz provide your correct email id

  3. @Seema Manha

  4. it should be done 41 dayas per 41 times after ishaa. without break.. I did it, inspite of all steps of my boss to disturb, i get the place!!! during the year..


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