Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bachay ki padaish k dard k liye wazifa for child delivery

Bachay ki padaish k waqt ka wazifa:

Jub ek aurat bachay ki padaish krti hai to wo zindagi or mout se jang lar rahi hoti hai, or bachay ki padaish ka waqt jitna hi yadgar hota hai us se b zayada takleef da waqt ek aurat k liye hota hai lekin Allah sub se afzal hai or beshak Allah har mushkil main apne banday ka sath deta hai isi liye bachay ki padaish k waqt ye amal krne se dard main kami ho gi.

"Sipara no: 30 Surat Inshiqaq ayat no: 1 se 4" tak ek parchay pe likh kr kapray main lapait kr aurat ki baein raan pe bandh de Insha Allah bachay ki padaish main asani ho gi.

In English:

Wazifa for child delivery:

When a women is expecting a baby it is very memorable moment but more than that delivery of child is very painful also, because a women has to bear a lot of pain, but Allah is very big and support their humans in every step, to secure from pain of delivery of child read this wazifa.

Write "Ayat no: 1 to 4 Surat Inshiqaq Sipara no: 30" on paper and then wrap in a piece of cloth and tie with left leg of women. Insha Allah baby will deliver easily.
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