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Maiday k dard k liye wazifa for stomach pain

Maiday k dard k liye

Maiday ka dard ya takleef na sirf dardnak hoti hai balkeh bohat khatray ki baat bhi hoti hai. Maiday k dard ki wajah se ap kuch sahi se khaa pee bhi nahi saktay aur yeh kamzori barhanay lagta hai. Ahista ahista na phir apse koi kaam ho pata hai balkeh baitha tak nahi jata. Mayday k dard ko dur kernay k liye apko yeh wazifah parhna chahiye

Surat Takweer ki 1-18 ayaat 7 bar parh k Aab-e-zam zam ya sada pani pe dam karen or phir wo pani pi len.Insha Allah dard main afaqa ho ga.

In English:

Wazifa for stomach pain:

Pain in liver is not only really hurting but it could be really dangerous as well. Due to liver pain, it becomes difficult to eat as well as drink anything and this causes a lot of weakness. Slowly, you are neither able to work properly nor even sit properly. In order to cure liver pain, you need to recite the following verses

Recite 7 time ayat 1-18 surat Takweer and do dam on zam zam water or simple water and then drink it. Insha Allah pain will be finish.
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