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Jinn and Magic

Every spell works only with the help of spiritual beings and according to that every magi strives to make contact and cooperation with one of them. In Arabian magic, the largest grasp a magi can have, is if he manages to capture one of the servants of magic known as Hudam or Khodam, with his magical rituals. Those magi who are more skilled and who are braver try to set up a contract with one of the Jinn rulers, by which a large gate to a Jinn army will be opened, to the magi, who will be at his service at any time. Namely, according to some data, every Jinn ruler has an army of 800-120 billion under his rule, according to this information it is easy to understand what such a contract would mean to a magi. Of course such a possibility is not free and has its price.

Based on such a Jinn contract the magi has to gratify the rulers sexual appetite by offering him his mother, sister or wife with whom he will have sex while they are asleep. When the Jinn champion gratifies his sexual urges he then bestows the magi with some supernatural powers so that he can perform any magic that he wishes and they include telepathy, travel around the globe in one second, invisibility, detection of hidden treasures, etc.

For the magi to communicate with the Jinn there is no need for a contract or prostitution, it is enough to follow the guidelines of the ancient ceremonies. In the rituals of Daire (exorcism) two Jinn names are commonly mentioned, Tarsh and Tariush, which can be seen in the summoning or Azimet: "Tarsh! Tariush! Descend! Answer! Where did the sultan go with his army? Where is al-Ahmar, the sultan and his army? Answer; you servants of these names!" In this spiritualistic ritual where a child is used as a mediator, the magi can contact the Jinn through the child and ask questions.

The list of Jinn names from various groups and tribes is very long and it is practically impossible to up-date it in a single unit, but following the descriptions and guidelines of various Arabian rituals it is possible to determine the nature of most of the Jinn. Tashyush, Latyush, Dalayush, Tvakapush, Arkapush are examples of good Jinn as opposed to Raahush, Vahyush, Ghayush, Ghafush and others. There are also Jinn that have a varying nature, therefore their behavior depends from their current mood and the purpose of their summoning, like the Jinn Shamyush.

Since the Jinn are connected to magic each one of them has their own function and they are called upon in certain rituals. A Jinn child by the name Zaazui is used in powerful love spells that cause longing and sensuality. When a magi wants to receive a person, he then takes a white brick, puts it in a box and closes it. Then he pronounces magical words (azimet) and opens the box. Inside it he will see a soppy baby. The magi then asks the baby to bring him the person that he asks for and he will return him to his Jinn mother.

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