Monday, December 29, 2014

Contact between Humans and Jinn

Communication between humans and Jinn's is possible and we can find examples in both religious and occult books. One of the great Arabian spiritualists Ibn el-Hadj el-Temesani el-Magrebi left very impressive and succinct descriptions of his contacts with the Jinn world in the book "Light of the sun and the treasury of great secrets" from whom he took his knowledge about the occult - "Know, Ye who wishes to know something about it, when Allah lifted the veil between me and the Jinn, I asked spiritual and loyal Jinn, and even the seven blessed and God fearing angels, who came into contact with the Quran over Muhammad (peace be upon him), about everything that is going on in the world. They informed me about it with real facts, without unnecessary prevarication, without any embellishments or impairment."

Jinn didn't communicate willingly, they were bound by the magical oaths and rituals and they had to answer truthfully to all questions that he posed about the world of gajba and its rules: "One day I met seven Jinn in a cave and asked them "What happens to men and women who are under the influence of the Jinn, is it epilepsy, stroke, madness and other illnesses? They all responded. If it wasn't you we would never speak, but there is some bond between us which bounds us, some big names by which you compelled us to acquaint you with the Jinn tribes and their powers (spells)."
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