Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hijama kia hai, Hijama k Fawaid, Hijama Sunnat ki Roshni Men

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  1. Asslamo ellekum I want to do hijama but my husband is always afraid of it what I do please help jazak Allah khair

  2. no need to be afraid coz its Sunnah, being Muslim we are not afraid of any thing that is recommended by our beloved prophet Muhammad SAWW. there is a little suction feeling and almost no pain at all. your intention must be performing Sunnah and recite Ayat Ul Kurci during session. Insha Allah get the best results

  3. I just performed my first Hajama session last night. At first I was afraid too but trust me it was good and no pain at all. I think you should try that without any doubt in you mind.

  4. Hijama in date ky elwa lagwa sakten han?or iska tareka to batayen khany sy phly ya khany ky baad ?plzzz urgent

  5. Mjhy skin problem hai... Hajama krwany se skin theek hojati hai kya....????
    Reply back to me....

  6. Assalam u alaikum , my wife is a patient of arthritis. She had took alot of medicines but not found any cure, So i need to ask or to confirm is it would be best for her to do hijama? is it would be benficial for her
    kya aesa kerne se meri wife ke knees pain uski bemaari door ho jay ge?

  7. @Aqib Adeeb
    Ask her to recite Ya Mueedu 11000 times and blow on herself do this 11 days.


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