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Forgetfulness and Weak Memory

The authentic prophetic traditions report that a man complained to Allah’s Blessed Messenger (pbuh) about forgetfulness, and was advised, “Use frankincense, for it invigorates the heart with courage and it is a remedy for forgetfulness.”

Frankincense (‘Lubbaan’ in Arabic) is an aromatic resin produced by a certain genus of trees grown mainly in Yemen, Somalia and Oman, and is traditionally used in perfumes, incense and as a medicine. The resin is tapped and allowed to harden, before being powdered. It is most commonly very light yellow in colour and is widely accepted as one of the most effective medicines for forgetfulness.

It is reported that Ibn Abbaas (may God be pleased with him) used to drink a mixture of powdered frankincense, water and sugar on an empty stomach. Someone once complained to Anaas (ra) about a weak memory, and Anaas replied, “Soak frankincense overnight in water, and drink the solution in the morning on an empty stomach, for it benefits the memory.”

A 'tea' can also be made by tying the frankincense resin in a small cloth like a peice of muslin, and adding it to boiling water. Let the water simmer for around 5 min before extracting the frankincense and allowing the tea to cool down before drinking.

The application of this remedy has a simple and clear reasoning. Mild amnesia, forgetfulness or a weak memory of past experiences, events or words results from a corrupt humour somewhere in the body. This corrupt humour affects different parts of the brain, causing ill-disposition, particularly in people with cold, damp temperaments. This condition produces defective memory and thus blocks the brain’s natural ability to retain messages in sequence or to store information.

Frankincense, which contains the opposite attributes, thus helps to repair and balance the bodily humours. This helps ultimately to remove the blockage and restore the memory. Amongst the other numerous benefits of frankincense; it aids the treatment of tuberculosis, stomach ache and diarrhoea, and it helps the digestion, helps expel wind, relieve eye sores / refreshes the eyes, treats infections and helps heal cuts and bruises when used in a bandage. It also helps treat a speech impediment (both tongue-tie and stuttering). Burning frankincense helps repel mosquitoes and other flying insects.

Both the resin and the oil can be purchased online.
My recommendation is food-grade Hojari frankincense which can be purchased here - http://freeyoursenses.co.uk/#/yellow-hojari/4555599604

You can find more information about frankincense here - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frankincense, including on how frankincense is graded - http://freeyoursenses.co.uk/#/grading/4555298751
Here is a link to the article written in Urdu on Frankincense by the Tibb e Nabawi Google Group.

A weak memory may also sometimes be due to dryness and can be overcome by increasing the intake of water and other fresh, clean, pure fluids.
Ibn Abbaas (ra) said that brushing one's teeth with Miswaak has ten benefits; one of which is that it clears the brain. Other commentators on the Hadith also contend that using Miswaak sharpens the memory and attunes the senses. You can find out more about the great benefits of using Miswaak by clicking here.

It is recommended to use Miswaak before conducting Wudhu for each of the five daily Prayers, particularly when waking up at the time of Faj'r.

Another very beneficial treatment for weak memory is cupping;
In his book 'Al Afrad', Al-Darqotni related that Abdullah ibn Omar quoted the Blessed Messenger of
Allah (pbuh) as saying, "Cupping increases one's memory and wisdom. Apply cupping in the name of

Allah, but do not apply it on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday; while Monday is the best."

You can find out more about the benefits of cupping by clicking here.

Treating Forgetfulness and Weak Memory with Ruqya.

For strengthening the memory and progressing in Islamic Knowledge, the following verse of the Holy Qur’an should be recited (in Arabic) 20 times everyday after the Faj’r Salaah insha’Allah;

“My Lord! Expand for me my breast. Ease my task for me. Remove the knot [impediment] from my speech so that they may understand what I say.”
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