Friday, May 17, 2013

Wazaif for Baby Boy | WAZIFA For Acquiring Baby Boy

Write Surah Yusuf on a paper neatly..Not even 1 word of Surah Yusuf Shouldn`t b missing...Role dat paper in plastic and place it in Taweez of leather and give it to women to wear it...
Inshallah by the blessings of Allah`s Kalaam u will have baby boy soon...
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  1. Bismillah ir Rahman ir Rahim,

    May Allah bless you for your sincere efforts to guide the Muslims on the right path and help them resolve the problems.

    Baraka Allah Fiq

    1. Our molvi has written surah yusuf on a paper i have folded it but i m afraid from others not to see my taweedh so i put it in my bra aside is this okay.

  2. Aslamulikum.
    should we write the whole surah or the numbers of the surah.please reply soon.

  3. Assalamu Alaykum
    i wanted to ask if i could print the surah yousuf and then roll on taweez or its obligatory to write!!
    antecipated thank you for the reply

  4. My sister wrote surah yousaf and wear it for 9 months now mashallah she is blessed with a realy works very effective one Thanks to ALLAH

  5. I hve seven mnth pregnency can I wear the surah yousaf n wear the neck

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  7. Instead of wearing a taweez can I recite this surah daily after maghrib namaz

  8. Asalam o alekum kindly tell me kI can I wear this surah to write by my self because no one is agree to write this surah I'm 2 mnths pregnant plz plz do ans me nd ye bhi btyn ki kia me is suraho ko as it is utarun means isme jo bhi kch ayatollah ar waqf wagera k sth ya simpl utar lun plz plz ans me


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