Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Protect Yourself and Your Family from Black Magic

If you think some will do black magic on you or you think someone has done it. for all cases of black magic and for future protection too. Please do the following always. No one will ever be able to harm you through black magic. No black magic will work on you. For protection of whole family please after reading it do a dam (blow) on a glass of water and give it to everybody everyday to drink.

After fajr and Maghrib Salah

Draood/Salavat once

Ya Qabid0 (Allahs Name) 21 times

Darood/ Salavat once
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  1. Asc my Hassan i am in USA i have problem with my family how can save them my problem is my daughter she don't want to see her mother every time yelling to her mother to head what ever she have at that time and she want to kill her mother pleas give me Information or text me whatsApp gaza kallaah qiir


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