Saturday, March 6, 2010

As Psychic Number: 

Restless, busy, fickle minded, youthful, lover of stimuli, adventuresome, modern and progressive, creative, resourceful. Good at communicating, have a way with words, scheming, can sell anything, convincing. Like change and to conquer new frontiers, upbeat personality, gentle at heart. Good with their hands. Make friends easily, love distraction, multiple careers, many relationships, excel in the entertainment industry. Independent, curious, love change, not easy to go to depths in anything because they are excitement driven. Rolling stone. Vastly gifted and enterprising with resources.

As Destiny Number:  

Lucky, soft and sensuous, non committal, love to explore all of live. Intelligent, able to grasp process and access vast amounts of information and live many realities simultaneously. Easily bored, need variety, childlike at heart, trusting and innocent. Self employed, the need for freedom dominates all decisions, want to try everything and go everywhere. Need discipline and to practice tolerance and understanding to be happy and fulfilled. Like to cruise through life, nothing too heavy, easy does it. Technologically adept, joyous and fun to be with. Always look younger than their age.
As Name Number:

ENTERTAINER, will network, innovate and help transform mainstream concepts.

Friendly Numbers 1, 4, 6
Enemy Numbers 2
Day Wednesday
Color green
Gem Emerald
Metal gold
Body Chemistry Balanced
Karmic Lesson Sobriety
Best suited professions Business men, investors, bankers, stock brokers
Compatible numbers for :
3, 5, 9
3, 5, 9
3, 5, 6, 8
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