Saturday, March 6, 2010

As Psychic Number :

Shy and sensitive, emotional but repressed, indecisive and moody, much like the waxing and waning of the moon, an off and on changeable nature. Fragile, reflective, poetic, artistic and romantic. Possessing natural healing gifts. A delicate nature and easily cold, insecure, dependent on help. Passionate and perceptive, peacemakers, diplomatic, always seeking harmony, truthful, tough fighters when provoked. Don't learn from their mistakes, forgive, forget and repeat lessons. Need a lot of privacy and time alone, need rest, easily addicted to sweets.

As Destiny Number:

Charming, warm, kind, co-operative, private, mystical, tactful, easily hurt as very sensitive. Will withhold affection/contact and move away from stressful situations and problems, will not 'make war'. Need security and emotional support, dependent nature, looking for stability and comfort in relationships. Need solitude to balance, prefer calming companionship to lively dazzle. Spiritual, truth loving, excellent counselors as they care. Difficulty making instant commitments. Non-athletic yet agile.

As Name Number:

TEACHER, will expand healing qualities and serve as a reflection of cosmic truth to all.

Friendly Numbers 1, 3
Enemy Numbers 5, 4
Day Monday
Color White
Gem Pearl
Metal Silver
Body Chemistry Mucus (Kappha)
Karmic Lesson Individual stability
Best suited professions Diplomats, arbitrators, real estate, salesmen, politicians, teachers, researchers, reformers
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