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How to Make Black Magic Amulet Useless


If someone trying to harm you by doing an amulet, this How to Make Black Magic Amulet Useless will make that amulet useless.The mentioned is to be written with a tree stick(woden pen), then rinse with water and drink it. In shaa Allah, this will weaken black magic and the work of jinns and of man.
Write Surah Tatiha on Sunday and Monday morning. with Surat al Najm on Monday. 
Write Surat al-Hamd and Surat al Tawbah on Tuesday. 
Write al-Hamd and Surat al Shams on Wednesday. 
Write al-Hamd and Surat al-Tin on Thursday. 
Write al- Hamd and Surat al-Qadr on Friday, 
Write al-Hamd and al-Ikhlas and al-Mu'awwidhatayn [Surat al-Falaq and Surat al-Nas on Saturday. 
Write al-Hamd on Sunday
You should wash all these written verses of the Qur'an and drink it and take a bath with this water but water must not go in drain pipe, so take a bath in garden or soft sand, it will make all counter-charms ineffective. You should also recite Ya Hafeezu all the time.


Ager aap per koi jadu kertna chahta hai, ya jadu ker diya hai tu ye amal karen in shaa Allah us ka asr nahi hoga ya khatam hojaye ga.
Nichey jo ayat di hoi hai unhey ek lakri k qalam sey likhna hai, 

Surah Fatiha Itwar aur peer ko aur is k sath peer ko hi Surah al Najm.
Surat al-Hamd aur Surat al Tawbah Mangal ko.
Surah al-Hamd aur Surat al Shams Budh ko. 
Surah al-Hamd and Surat al-Tin Jumeyrat ko. 
Surah al- Hamd and Surat al-Qadr Jumey ko, 
Surah al-Hamd and al-Ikhlas aur al-Mu'awwidhatayn [Surat al-Falaq aur Surat al-Nas , Haftey waley din. 
Surah al-Hamd on Itwar ko

Phir in sab likhi hoi ayton ko pani sey dho len aur kuch pani pi len aur baqi pani sey ghusal ker len, lakin pani nali men na jaye is liye kisi kacvhi zmeen per ghusal len, 

For Rules to do Wazifa and Taweez check this link
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