Friday, January 29, 2016

Wazifa For Scorpion Bite, Bichu k katey ka ilaj

Scorpions use their sting to capture prey and to defend themselves. They hunt at night and will not sting unless provoked or they feel threatened. All scorpions use their stings as a defense mechanism or a weapon to incapacitate prey. But the potency to humans of stings varies, depending on the scorpion species. One thing that all scorpions have in common is that the sting possesses venom, which usually is neurotoxic in nature.

If you have scorpion bite then Recite Surah Naas 21 times and blow on the spot, do it 3 times in shaa Allah all effects will be removed


Ager kisi ko Bichu ney kaat liya ho tu foran 21 bar surah Naas phr ker dam karen ager kuch asr baqi ho tu again karen, aur ek dafa aur ker len is terhan 3 bar dam karen in shaa Allah us ka zaher asr nahi karey ga aur mareez theek hojaye ga.
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