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Wazifa Dua Jawharatul Kamal

As a muslim its exceedingly unforeseen to send supplications to God on the Prophet as trained by Allah SWT. Arrangement of Salat has been composed and discussed other than Salat Ibrahimyyat. As the profound individuals of tassawuf don't joke with Salat, each Toriqat appears to hold changed Salat in high regard as suggested by the organizer and through the Prophet Muhammed S.A.W 

Jawharatul Kamal and Tijaniyyat 

Jawharatul Kamal is immensely presented by the general population of Tariqat Tijaniyat whose author is Shaykh Ahmad bn Muhammad At-tijani (RA). The Salat was given to shaykh Ahmad Tijani RA in wide sunlight by Prophet Muhammed S.A.W. Toriqat tijaniyat holds this salat fundamentally of Wazifa been performed each night ideally in the middle of Maghrib and Isha'. 

Numerical embodiment of Jawharatul Kamal 

It is righly asserted by gnostics of this tariqat (tijaniyyat) that the salat supports with the twelve thousand years of Ibadat of the prophet's Nur before creation. They are likewise of the perspective that the Salat has twelve heavenly articulations which are guaranteed to be the inborn perfect ethics of the prophet SAW. Its additionally given to the Shaykh in the twelvth century of the hijra. 

Interpretation and transliteration 


Allahumma salli wa sallim `alaa `ayni 'r-rahmati 'r-rabbaaniyati wa 'l yaaqootati 'l-mutahaqqiqati 'l-haaitati bi-markazi 'l-fuhoomi wa 'l-ma`anee. Wa noori 'l-akwaani 'l-mutakawwinati 'l-aadami min al-buhoori wa 'l-awaani. Wa noorika 'l-laami`u 'Lladhee malaata bihi kawnaka 'l-haa'iti bi-amkinati 'l-makaani. Allahumma salli wa sallim `alaa `ayni 'l-haqq allatee tajalla minhaa `urooshu 'l-haqaaiqi `ayni 'l-ma`aarifi 'l aqwami siraatika 't-taami 'l- 

asqam ihaatati 'n-noori 'l-mutalsam 

Allahumma salli wa sallim `alaa tal`ati 'l-haqqi bil haqqi al-kanzil `azham. Ifaadatika minka ilayka ihaatati 'n-noori 'l-mutalsam. Sallallahu `alayhi wa `alaa aalihi salaatan tu`arrifunaa bihaa iyyaah. 


O Allah, send blessing upon and salute on the Essence of Divine Mercy, the Accomplished Ruby enveloping the focal point of appreciations and implications, the Light of all made universes, the Adamic who has Lordly Truth; the all-filling Lightning in the downpour billows of additions that fill all 

the interceding oceans and repositories; Your Bright Light with which You have filled Your creation and which encompasses every single conceivable spot. O Allah favor and salute the Essence of Truth from which are showed the thrones of substances; the Essence of the Most Righteous Knowledge, Your Complete and Most Straight Path. 

O Allah, favor and salute the Advent of the Truth by the Truth; the Greatest Treasure, Your 

Out pouring from Yourself to Yourself; the Encompassment of Talismanic Light. Might Allah favor the Prophet and his family, a supplication to God which conveys us to information of him. 

The obscure significance of this salat is just showed to the peruser by Allah, its existence is watched when the peruser is cryptically invested in the adoration for the prophet, consequently, the mushahada of its world is procurred. 

Conditions and Recommendations 

The Salat has mandatory conditions and proposals connected to it which the peruser is firmly adviced to hold fast entirely to. What's more, these go in this way: 

Required Conditions: 

1. The Reciter must be a muslim and affirm, confirm and watch the components the religions. 

2. The reciter must trust the salat is Kalamun Qodimun, antiquated heavenly expressions of Allah 

3. The reciter ought to be physically perfect. 

4. The spot of its recitation ought to be cleaned 

5. Its ought to be presented just with Al-wudhu (Ablution with water) 


1. Recitation ought to be done in a perfect place that can possess six individuals and that's only the tip of the iceberg 

2. It could be recounted at any minute and any period throughout reiterations 

3. Should not be recounted on the ocean, air or in cars 

4. It ought to be recounted without exclusion of anywords, or the consequences will be severe, the entire recitation is flaw. 

5. It ought to just be recounted for prophet Muhammed just. 

Recitation of jawharatul Kamal conveys comfort to the peruser, the peruser has an awesome prize. I beg you my perusers to be very much engaged in the recitation of Jawharatul Kamal sticking entirely to its regulations and suggestions. 

May Allah's endowments be with all of us and give us Himself. Amin
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