Sunday, November 8, 2015

Wazifa Remedy For Sugar Diabetes

If any one have Sugar or Diabetes, following wazifa will cure with in 11 days in shaa Allah. 


Wiht 5 times Salah.

Take a glass of water and put it next to you before you do your Fajr Salah. Then after every Fajr Salah while sitting read
Darood Ibrahimi 3 times
Surah Yasin Ayet no 58
“salamun kolum min rabbir rehim” 100 times
Darood Ibrahimi 3 times 

Then blow on the water and drink it all.

Then write the same Ayet on a piece of paper with non alcoholic ink. Then take a bottle of water and put it inside and drink that water whole day. Finish the water before you sleep each night. If the water gets less please add normal water in it and only drink this water.

You will write a new paper each day. keep the old paper in the bottle. At the end of the wazifa bury the papers in the bottle in a safe place where no one steps or drop them in flowing water after tieing them to a stone.

Do this every day for 11 days. Your sugar will disappear for ever.
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  1. Ohh.Good.

    Can you guide me how to use it.

    pl mail

  2. As salam o alaikum !!

    Very nice mashallah
    Plz write the name of non alcoholic ink...and plz tell which ayat i write on the paper?



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