Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wazifa for Angry Husband

The biggest challenge of living with a resentful or angry person is to keep from becoming one yourself—or else, the high contagion and re-activity of resentment and anger are likely to make you into someone you are not.

The second biggest challenge in staying in a relationship with a resentful or angry person is trying to get him or her to change.

If your husband has indulged in any illegible and wrongful acts like relationships with other women, alchohol and gambling. Or any other haram acts and you want him to leave all these bad habbits then Here is the wazifa for Angry Husbands:

On Sunday between Isha and Maghrib time do Wadu then recite the above arabic ayet 7 times then blow on fresh and pure roses and place these flowers towards the head nearby the pillow where he sleeps, Next day dispose off these flowers in the clean and pure soil.

Repeat this process for at least three Sundays. Get new fresh flowers on every Sunday.

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