Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tweez of Surah Ikhlas With 25 Benefits

The majority of people in this day and age just copy a Taweez from a book without following the sequence and then they say that taweez didn't work !. Its because they have no knowledge of how the Taweez is made or how the squares need to be filled.

Here is a Taweez of Surah Ikhlas which has 25 benefits.

1. To cure eye disease, wash with river water and drink.
2. To bring some one back, write and put in the masjid.
3. To cure from Fever tie on right arm.
4. To cure from mental disease, tie in the neck.
5. To cure from jinn, write and tie on neck.
6. To know the result in dream, write and put in Quran.
7. To cure Headache, tie on head.
8. For any wish, write and put in river.
9. To fall some on in LOVE, let the person east in some sweet.
10. For enemy, write and put in the grave.
11. To cure throat disease, write and let the eat.
12. To cure any pain, just watch it for 5 minutes.
13. For wealth, write and keep in your pocket.
14. For safety in war, write and tie on arm.
15. To make enemy your friend, write it on a paper.
16. To avoid grave problems, write on the cloth.
17. To become popular, write and keep with you.
18. To make your wife not see other men, write and make her eat it in any sweet.
19. To die with eeman, keep it with you.
20. To know the heart secret of your wife, rite and put it on her heart, she will tell you everything she has in her heart.
21. To be save by Evil, wash and drink with river water.
22. To make some one love you, write and tie on his.her arm.
23. To be save by all magic, jinns, evils, write and keep it with you.
24. To be save write on dear leather and keep it with you.
25. To make your kid wise, write it on Friday and put in the neck of your kid.   


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