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Loh e Al Fatiha for Employment, Business, Success, Promotion

This Loh connected to trine / sextile of mercury and Jupiter. All those individuals who are in look for of career and doing plenty of initiatives but not getting the job, those individuals who are experiencing reduction day by day in their company or who unfortunately can think that there have some closing in the way of achievements about company. Those individuals who wish to reciprocate and it is not going to be done cause of any impact or those individuals who are getting complications in increasing of marketing and development and those individuals who are going with prohibition and challenges about knowledge.

Method of Preparation:

Get numbers of Surah Fatiha through Abjad e Qamri complete the Naqsh e Murabba Ateeshi by getting numbers of yours name with yours mom's name and objective. Now frequent repeat Surah Fatiha 101 periods at same set timings with Durood Shareef in starting and end this procedure will be proceed for 11 periods and on 12 day use the Loh in your throat as a pendant InshAllah your objective will be meet by the blessedness and complimentary of Almighty Allah .

Example: Figures of applicant name with mother’s name is 461

Figures of Surah e Fatiha is 10146

Figures of motive (کاروبار میں ترقی ہو) is 1251

Some people can take objection on my sequitur figure of Surah Fatiha because often most peoples write (9360) this figure of Surah Fatiha. Now please let me clear one thing that without Bismillah the six verses of Surah Fatiha will remain when we know this Surah is called Sabaa Samaani if without compellation we will take figure so how will it be Sabba Samaani? Therefore with compellation 10146 will be digits.

Now have to complete these numbers in Murabba e Ateeshi. It indicates first according to the technique less determine of 30 from complete numbers then the staying determine will be separated in to 4 now the obtained lucky determine will be placed in first mortise of the desk then the individual number will be included in each determine and like this according to the artifice and technique the desk will be loaded. One number will be included in mortise #13 if any individual number will be stay by department if stay 2 so one number will be placed in mortise #9 and if stay 3 so more one number will be included in mortise #5.

In the given following example we have three numbers. Figures of a individual's name with mom's name are 461, determine of Surah Fatiha is 10146 and the last purpose determine is 1251 now we have the complete total measured numbers are 11858 then determine of 30 will be take out according to the technique so the determine will stay 11828 after separated it in to 4 the obtained lucky determine will be 2957 now by putting this numbers in first mortise of the desk then loaded the desk with including individual number like before we described so the desk revealed in the given type.

First analyze on the given methodical Naqsh

This given Nasqsh has been methodized and composed by according to the given method.

Design the border of Naqosh according to the given method of it. Fumigate the Olibanum (Bukhoor) of mercury and Jupiter together. Sequitur the Naqsh before the determined timings and at time of preparation emboss it on silver plate through any acuminate thing. All the details have been defined methodically. Every person can easily prepare it by themselves albeit those people who want to get it by us they can directly contact with us before the peculiar time.
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