Thursday, November 7, 2013

Benefits of Dua Haft Haikal Seven

A haykal means a sanctuary/temple and the seven listed are all ayaat of the Quran; they are to be recited to be safeguarded from evil and it is to ward off the evil eye. Abu Huraira (RA) reported that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said, A person who recites or keeps this Dua with him will live a good life in this world and he will die with Imaan[ true faith]. If a person read this dua regularly he/she reap the follwing benefits,

Secures Allah’s pleasure, Drives Shaytan away, Increases one’s livelihood, Lights up the grave and Provides comfortable bedding in the grave, Helps answering with ease the questioning of Munkar and Nakir in the grave, Provides shelter on the Day of Judgment, Crowns one on the Day of Reckoning, Gets Allah’s pardon on the Day of Judgment, Increases the weight of good deeds on the scale, Helps one crossing the Bridge of “Siraat” without any difficulty.


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  1. pls send it to me in arabic english with benefits of each hykal with meaning

  2. When do I need to read this and in under which circumstances. Please explain

  3. ye daily ek ko parna chaheye ya sathon ko daily parna hey.. please bata den

  4. We need to read the whole hafta haikal daily


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