Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wazifa To get success in exams

Read this Qur’anic Verse 21 times and pray to get seccess in exams.Before and after this wazifa read dorood shareef 3 times

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  1. for how many days we can read this wazifa

  2. Salama Alaykum! Please make dua for me. Next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I will write my 3 important exams of five exams. I make dua all time but my duas arent answered. I pray and read quran. I try to make no sins. Please make dua for me. Its very important for me. Its my last year in school.

  3. As Salam bhai I'm a follower of ur blog please provide Roman English language many of wazifas are only in arabic


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