Sunday, October 30, 2011

British Girl Converted to Islam (2010)

In this video sister Hanna tells us her story of conversion to Islam. Hanna use to live in England but after getting married she went to live in Sydney with her husband and now recently she came back to live in England again. She also use to have her own YouTube channel name 'englishrosemuslim' in which she use to upload videos regarding Islam, her friends and also about things going on in her personal life. She use to be a very active YouTube user but because she got so much attention she wasn't able to reply back to everyone who wanted to talk to her and for sometime she even left using YouTube. Recently she came back on YouTube and uploaded her new video but right after that she deleted her YouTube account for some reason.

Anyways I hope that InshAllah may Allah always protect her and may she always stay in Islam.....Ameen.


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